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November 2022

DE | KF Global Update

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with relevant and important market information, please find an update from Knight Frank. Most up, first down Annual growth in prime house prices eased to 7.5% during the third quarter, down from a peak of 10% in the year to Q1, according to our latest Prime Global Cities Index. Of the 45 cities we track, 19 saw prime prices decline between June...

UK house prices

UK house prices fell 0.9% during September, the first monthly fall since July 2021, according to Nationwide. That brings the annual growth rate to 7.2%, from 9.5% a month earlier.  The pass-through rate from the mini-budget to mortgage rates was swift and it shows. The effective real interest rate on new mortgages rose by 29 basis points to 2.84% during the month, according to Bank of England...

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