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May 2023

Happy Memorial Day – The Latest LA Real Estate News

Home sales slump across Southern California"Home sales across Southern California have fallen precipitously, with the number of deals down by almost half.Buyers closed on 13,201 single-family homes and condos in April, down 46 percent in a year, the Orange County Register reported, citing figures from CoreLogic.It was the third biggest, year-over-year drop since records began in 1988.The wrench in...

Those ocean views come at a price!

Those ocean views come at a price for home buyers"That breathtaking view of the Pacific comes at a price.California homebuyers spent an average of $210,000 more — $1.66 million compared with $1.45 million — for a home with an ocean view than one that is close to the water, but doesn’t have a view of it, the Orange County Register reported, citing a study of 34 California markets by property manager...

Rent Prices, Home Prices, & Population Control

LA apartment rents fall incrementally in March"Apartment rents continue their downward trend in the Los Angeles found L.A. area median rents dipped 0.8 percent in March compared to the same time a year ago.. In a month-to-month comparison, Los Angeles area rents dipped about 0.9 percent from February to March, according to’s data, which evaluated rents in metropolitan...

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