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November 2023

Karen Winnick lops $55M off price of Casa Encantada in Bel-Air

Widow of financier Gary Winnick, who died this month, relists “work of art” at $195M The widow of late billionaire financier Gary Winnick has slashed $55 million off the price of a 60-room Bel-Air Mansion. The revised asking price is $195 million. Artist and author Karen Winnick has relisted the historic Casa Encantada estate at 10644 Bellagio Road, according to the Robb Report. Gary and...

For the cheapest homes in SoCal, look to the Inland Empire

25 lowest-priced markets have average asking prices from $394K to $595K Where to find the cheapest homes in Southern California, with a price between $400,000 and $600,000 and a monthly payment less than $4,000? A study of the 25 lowest-priced neighborhoods in Southern California found the answer is almost anywhere but Los Angeles and Orange counties, the Orange County Register...

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