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Meet Johnathan PACH

Known for his captivating presence and remarkable achievements in the realms of marketing and creative arts, this British media and marketing entrepreneur is a force to be reckoned with.

With over 15 years of invaluable experience in media and real estate sales, Johnathan possesses a profound understanding of sales and marketing strategies. His adult career has been marked by hosting prestigious red-carpet events and film premieres in Los Angeles, showcasing his entertainment prowess. As a seasoned TV host for over 17 years, Johnathan has collaborated with renowned international TV networks and has hosted some of the biggest live events globally.

Having successfully managed his global advertising and marketing agency for 6 years in London, Johnathan has now embarked on a new chapter with the esteemed Douglas Elliman brand. Leveraging his expertise in both marketing and real estate, as well as his extensive international network, he is carving out a successful career as a luxury Realtor. Making a significant impact in the industry, Johnathan has already achieved tens of millions in real estate sales within his first year, boasting a portfolio of impressive million-dollar listings in Los Angeles and a vast network of clients both locally and internationally.

With his unparalleled skills and dedication, Johnathan is rapidly establishing himself as a prominent figure in the real estate arena, bringing energy and excellence to every transaction.

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